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How to Eliminate Your Tax Debt | IRS Fresh Start | Moore Accounting Services

How to Eliminate Your Tax Debt

How to Eliminate Your Tax Debt

IRS fresh start program can eliminate or significantly reduce your overall IRS tax debt.

At Moore Accounting Services we understand there is a deeply personal story to every taxpayer faced with IRS debt. We have successfully reduced or eliminated IRS debt nationwide for thousands of fresh start clients. With the IRS fresh start program, this office would prepare and file all the necessary paperwork on your behalf to reduce or eliminate up to 99% (ninety-nine percent) of your IRS debt depending on your financial information and criteria. Each Offer in Compromise or OIC candidate will be professionally prepared by real tax experts with thousands of resolved debt cases nationwide. We offer a no-obligation professional IRS expert review of your case before you begin and we are with you for the many months it could take to defend and resolve your tax debt.

When a taxpayer is facing IRS liens, wage garnishments, bank levies, or property seizures, the aggressive letters from the IRS can be extremely scary and life-changing for our clients. At Moore Accounting Services our staff will carefully guide you through every step of the process regardless of how long it takes; we are with you and represent you to the government. Every situation is unique and personal. You need an experienced expert to guide you through and navigate the rough waters of the situation you find yourself in. Let us help you. Call or send an email and say hello. The first step is asking for help.

You are not alone.

Every taxpayer faces tax debt. Not all tax preparations are prepared by an expert. Paying taxes is just another yearly chore to most taxpayers and it seems everyone wants to prepare your taxes for less promising big refunds.
Tax preparation mistakes happen and can result in tax debt you never saw coming. When you have IRS tax debt you need the experience and expertise of Moore Accounting Services. We have your back when you don’t know where else to turn.

Moore Accounting Services is owned and operated by Brian Moore, CPA. Brian has an exceptional reputation for being a surgeon in the tax doctor field. Let his experience be the leverage you need to guide you through your IRS tax debt and put this situation behind you. We invite you to reach out to this office and tell us your story. We are waiting for your call.

We have saved taxpayers millions of dollars by reducing or eliminating IRS tax debt. We were able to settle a California client with over $750,000.00 tax debt for less than a penny on the dollar… Put our experience to work today.

You deserve a fresh start.

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Moore Accounting Services (MAS) opened for business in 2009. Thanks to our great client base we continue to grow. We are the accounting expertise and experienced team you need when you want it done right the first time. We are experts in most any business service from small businesses to established businesses who have outgrown going it alone or with another accountant. Our success depends on yours. MAS are tax professionals. We can handle payroll services. Moore Accounting services individuals as well as LLC's and S-Corporations. Need audit help? We are very comfortable dealing with difficult IRS situations, Offers in Compromise (OIC) and more. We look forward to helping you! Email info@moore-accounting.com today.

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