Tax Debt Relief

Stop Aggressive IRS Actions Today

Have you not filed income tax in years? Your previous tax preparer made mistakes reporting your income. Did a significant illness or injury make you fall behind on paying your bills, including tax debt? You are not alone. You have tax debt. The growing interest and penalties, including garnishments, liens, and levies, weigh heavily on you. You could even be facing imprisonment for unpaid tax debt – these things can cause extreme anxieties and fears so scary it can be challenging to face the day.

Moore Accounting is here to help!

Moore Accounting Services has years of demonstrated expertise in resolving tax debt issues like yours. We have settled millions of dollars of federal and state tax debt with thousands of relieved clients nationwide. We are experts at drilling into the root cause of your specific case and tailor every client’s needs according to their unique situation.

Peace of Mind

Tax debt causes so much stress and pressure for our clients and we know how to fix it. The gratitude behind a satisfied client when we tell them ‘it’s over’ brings such joy! Some clients are so glad to be able to just ‘breathe again’ – there is an incredible feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in closing a tax debt case. Knowing that we have the experience and expertise to help a client be free from whatever stress tax debt is causing them in their daily lives is why we do what we do.



The first step to regaining control of your tax debt issues is to call or email this office for a no cost consultation. We can quickly take action to get in front of immediate aggressive actions by the state or IRS on your behalf. We offer solutions including the IRS fresh start program or (OIC) offer and compromise – where settling your tax debt for pennies on the dollar is possible if you qualify. We can also arrange for a pay back of your tax debt by setting up installment agreements. An installment agreement will stop aggressive actions by the IRS or state, and put you into a comfortable payment arrangement you can afford to get your life back on track. In most cases, the overall amount of money you owe can be greatly reduced by applying years of tax expertise and/or refiling proper paperwork for one or several tax years.


We invite you to read our reviews and hear directly from our clients what a relief our services bring our happy clients. We know that it wouldn’t be on this desk if it wasn’t painful in some way and we offer compassion and understanding. We are careful with your sensitive information and security. We offer encrypted portals for sending and receiving information necessary for us to compile the answers to your individual tax debt needs. We will ask you to sign a tax power of attorney (POA) that gives us the permission to engage directly with the IRS and/or states on your behalf. You will be able to sleep at night knowing you are in responsible and capable hands. Let Moore Accounting Services help change your life for the better. We are waiting to hear from you.

These six items cover 99% of the reasons to contact this office:

Property Tax Liens

A federal tax lien alerts creditors about your tax debt, which basically protects the IRS’ interest in your assets, if you try to sell the property or borrow against it – the money would automatically revert to the IRS.

Wage Levy

Also called wage garnishments – the IRS can directly contact your payroll and collect your pay to repay your tax debt.

Inheritance Taxes

Failure to pay appropriate state or federal taxes on capital gains made from inheritance – mismanagement of an estate’s final expenses can be to blame but the taxpayer is ultimately responsible for the debt.

Bank Levy

The IRS can take money directly from your financial institution. Having your assets seized and sold to repay your tax debt – not to be mistaken for a lien which prohibits selling of assets without the IRS collecting the value of the asset first.

Account Receivable Levies

The IRS takes the money you’ve earned as a small business or independent contractor.

Unfiled Back Tax Returns

You may have failed to prepare any returns for one or more years resulting in tax debt – penalties and interest continue to compound making it difficult to get caught up.