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Your Income Tax Return: Why Choose a CPA Tax Service Office

Your Income Tax Return: Why Choose a CPA Tax Service Office

Your Income Tax Return: Why Choose a CPA Tax Service Office

Why Choose a CPA Tax Service Office

Why choose a CPA over chain stores or filing on your own.

It’s tax season and by now you have already heard the bombardment of ads pushing ‘free filing’ and ‘come to our chain store’. Most of these commercials have a quick splash of legal fine print that even your DVR could not see. These companies know that there are better products out there, so they just flood the market with advertising to train the masses.

Even H&R Block admits on their financial statements, “There are a substantial number of tax return preparation firms and accounting firms offering tax return preparation services. Commercial tax return preparers are highly competitive with regard to price and service.” What this means for my clients is YES, I am highly competitive with the chain stores in regards to pricing. The biggest difference is that the quality of my services is far superior as shown to many of my clients that have elected for me to review prior year returns at no obligation. I have found, on average, in excess of $1,000 of errors or missed deductions per return upon my thorough review. My average review of a self-prepared return is even greater.

If you knew that you could get a Cadillac for the price of a Buick, would you still buy the Buick?

As a CPA, I am held to the highest of ethical standards. If I do not meet these standards, I no longer remain a CPA. Whereas, H&R Block has “been named, and from time to time will likely continue to be named, in various legal actions, including arbitrations, class or representative actions, actions or inquiries by state attorneys general, and other litigation arising in connection with our various business activities, including relating to our various service and product offerings”

Free is not really free.

The first idea that I want to impress on you is that if a product is truly free, why a large company would go out of their way to advertise these products heavily. The financials of the public tax preparation companies show in black and white that they make hundreds of millions of dollars off of free products. This goes back to the prior paragraph that it is really hard to trust the ethics of companies that expect to be in and out of court as a normal course of business.

In summary, choosing me as a CPA with 20 years’ experience cost you far less in real dollars. The greater quality of service pays for itself many times over the cost of that service. Additionally, I am not going anywhere, so you know that you will receive that same service for years to come.



Thank you.

• – All quoted material is excerpted from H&R Block’s 2017 10-K disclosure dated 6/16/17.



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